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Beginning a Great Project

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Beginning a Great Project Posted on November 23, 20171 Comment

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Welcome to the New Albion website.

Let me explain a little more about what New Albion is really about.  This started as an idea and a partnership between a few people who wanted to reclaim a better future for people here in New England.  When we look at how we have discarded our traditional values, how we ignore our proud heritage, and how we don’t ask questions about whether or not the world we’re creating is the one we want, we decided to get active.

Our views are diverse, but we share the idea that here in New England we needed to reach into our communities to connect people to live a better life and honor our traditions.  We are proud of our European heritage, live honestly without guilt, and hope to serve as a refuge and source of inspiration for those who share our beliefs.

Over at Gab, feel free to contact me if you take a wider interest.  While this site focuses primarily upon our cultural efforts, a key aspect of how we work to outreach people, we welcome everyone who shares our points and work to create opportunities for our members.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

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  1. You don’t win by choosing to lose. Your little village should have never surrendered. You should never agree to interviews, never explain, and seven × never defend.

    That hill was worth dying on. It was your Alamo and everyone.collspsed.

    This fight is not polite and gentile. You mean well, belatedly get it, but way too weak for this ride. Get Vox Day books re attacks by social justice warriors and get effective if you intend to even hold ground.

    Not looking good for you.

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