A Reason for Hope

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

A Reason for Hope Posted on November 27, 20175 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

There is nothing that can prevent a movement whose time has come from succeeding save defeatism in those who share the beliefs.  Within New Albion, we have reached such an inflection point.  While I do not believe we represent a majority of people within our region, I know there are many people in New England who seek to honor our traditions and heritage, and who long for days where the world made sense.

Nothing seems more natural to me than longing for like to obey the rules of nature.  We purposely made that our first core value understanding that term in a broader sense than one might assume at first glance.  While the bounty of our natural environment will always be part of nature, it’s equally true we should look at the nature of our species, how we behave, and what has worked for us as part of our own essential nature.

Men and women working in cooperation and harmony, as collaborators instead of competitors is nature.  The division of labor where each uses their unique skills and talents for the best use of the family, and by extension the larger community also fits.  Protecting your own clan first, the people who live here and whose ancestors populated this land is vital, but we have a society so profoundly unnatural it makes us question our core identity offering an alternative view that anyone can fit.

We see this to be true with individuals who make the choice to honor the New England way.  As a confessed transplant, I am one such person.  I came here with respect for hard work, understanding the land deserved respect, and seeking the well-ordered society not to replace, but to strengthen.  But instead, we are told the way to make this work better is not to add to the story which has been building, but to bring in new pieces with cultures of different ideas and people who don’t share our genetic legacy.

New Albion is the necessary counterpoint to this argument.  We argue for fewer people, choosing instead those who fit us best and adopting the ideas that protect us most.  We choose our children over the foreigner, and to devote our resources to our people instead of those we are told deserve charity.  Their homes are elsewhere.  Ours is here.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. This was well-written & on point. We’re so glad to have found out about New Albion and look forward to making whatever contributions we can.

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