Love Thy Neighbor

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Love Thy Neighbor Posted on December 8, 20173 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Folkism is a political system based on love.  As with most things presented in the media, you are told the opposite as way they can perpetually play divide and conquer.  But when you think of your folk, you really need to think of them much how you might think of your family.  Nations emerged in history as groups families, intermarried to each other and sharing links of kinship, blood, and culture developed key concepts and worked toward their mutual benefit.

The remarkable thing about how these nations grew out of tribe is the altruism we’ve come to rely upon in our civilization started because of the basic reality parents wanted a better future for their children to preserve their genetics and their experiences.  Such urges are entirely healthy and natural, and it is a sign of the decay of our times how many ways which we are told to restrain them.

Returning to love, however, we actually can develop a sense of morality…you could call it higher idealism…because when you accept you are part of a folk with a story and a living history, the isolation parts and conflicts which seem irreconcilable abate.  Just as you might forgive your brother for stupidity you would never accept from a stranger, the idea you have a people encourages a broader perspective and allows us to escape this endless battle in search for a perfect ideology which doesn’t exist.

Folkists are more concerned with having good people, those who share culture first, but also who share other bonds which are no less important.  We accept to value ourselves higher, we have to rate others as not welcome in our midst.  This act of judgment, an assertion that we have the right to choose with whom we wish to freely associate has been under attack for decades now, quite successfully.  Guilt is used as people who prefer their in group is presented as rank bigotry, but it really isn’t.

If any view is unduly prejudicial, it’s the forced grouping of people of different ideas and backgrounds, organically developed over many generations, and forcing them to all submit to one set of rules.  Instead of allowing differing cultures to flourish with various folk, we are forced to surrender our beliefs and heritage and are told we must forget who we were.  No race should accept that, and no culture can survive without memory.

I believe in all people, living as they choose, in free determination.  For the people of New England, our folk are primarily white people of European ancestry and ideas, emphasizing the value of work, communing with nature, and a society based upon order.  There is a place for everyone who fits that vision, but it will have its roots in our shared culture.  This is an optimistic vision that ends the left/right catastrophe.  It also bridges the troubling widening male/female gap by seeing both as equal partners in families.

Striking the balance between truth and what is possible is a challenge for anyone writing on these topics, but we work hard to be very honest, keep a positive vision that you can embrace without being pilloried, and keep in mind the eventual goal of a healthy nation with a healthy culture of pride, respect, and dignity.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. I can appreciate your positive vision, focus on building local resources, tearing down the absurd left/right political divide and some other ideas you have mentioned in these pages. However, your focus on whiteness is misguided to say the least. If you would like me to share some resources to help you understand where the idea of race came from and how it has been used to divide and conquer, I would be glad to get them to you.

  2. You are right in what you are thinking and doing. It is man that always end up doing it the wrong way. The Bible teaches us not to do it man’s way but do it God’s way. God separated us a long time ago with different languages, color, customs and gave us our own different land to live on. He wanted us to stay separated. White and Black do not mix because we are different and always will be. Water and Oil will never mix. When we try to cross that line to mix then we will always have trouble and warfare. We must do it God’s way for peace and happiness. Blacks in this country want payback for being slaves in this country. We should send them back to their own country with some kind of pay for what its worth or give them land here in America and let them control there own future. For example give them the North West of the United States and tell them to all move there and make their own government. They do not have to have the Federal Government’s permission to over populate the land and take over all aspect of government. It can be your free will to do so and make it happen and it will be yours. So stand up white and black people and do something if you want to be free and happy.

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