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Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

The Hard Sell Posted on December 18, 20173 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Without reducing the very real challenges to the creation of New Albion or any other movement meant to reshape human history, the challenges imposed by reality are far lesser than the challenge of suspending our own disbelief about what is possible.  Whether it is normalcy bias, fear of the unknown, misplaced nostalgia, or just the general tendency people have to take the path of least resistance, I find the stumbling block that is hardest to overcome is people’s unwillingness to believe better can happen to them and theirs.

It’s a funny thing because if I ask people what they would do in a collapse scenario and how they imagine things playing out, they quickly and readily contemplate hundreds of different solutions than the status quo, a tacit recognition of the failure of the current system to adequately service our societal needs.  If I ask them what they want, a majority stop thinking in terms of Washington and think it would be so much better if we controlled our revenues, and therefore policy, at a local level.  But they’re so used to the framing of seeing DC make decisions that they’re trapped in this thinking:  A top/down dimension as pervasive as the left/right.

Whether we are to fix America or to remove ourselves from an unfixable situation, the initial steps have to be the same.  For us to regain our confidence and our sovereignty as individuals and communities, we need to take care of our own.  I’ve written often about the first steps of connecting with family and kin, but the next area is where people get lost.  Buy local.  Connect communities.  Identify needs and solve them yourselves.  While you can and should ask for money from whomever will give it to you, stop treating policy as something to be imposed upon you and instead embrace those challenges as your own.  Even if you have less this way, you will actually be taking ownership of what is yours and building that culture of self-reliance.

Food.  Security.  Energy.  Health.  Focus on the basics first as things you can do, working with who is in your community.  As you lock these down, add culture, education, and art, to inspire yourselves.  Don’t be afraid to jump around and STOP believing it impossible to enjoy the better life now.  No one knows how far any human endeavor will spread, but you get to pick your trajectory where successes breed further successes.

Avoid naysayers and don’t waste your time trying to convince those who cannot believe.  The truest ideology in the world is not between systems, but rather between people who believe change is possible and exert the will to act, and those who have given up to their own learned helplessness.  Gather those around you who dream the future, even if they disagree, and convince them to be your allies and partners, and then you become the core of something special.

Every great idea begins with a dream and a small cadre…sometimes as small as one.  New Albion, a place of beauty where people live lives in search of meaning and fellowship instead of in service to capital and corruption, is just that.  We don’t try to save everyone.  But we want to save ourselves, and we know in our core, people came up north to get away from what went wrong in other places, or they stayed here because of the good sense something special is happening.  We don’t try to change that…we try to empower that instinct.  We don’t have all the answers, just a basic ability to identify who will never have our interest and the integrity to stand up to them through personal action and demand better.  Not just of them, but of ourselves.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


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