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Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Who I Am Posted on January 19, 201830 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Take five things you say that sound terrible, remove them from context as much as possible, and paint a picture of a person’s life designed to make people hate and defame you.  That’s what was done to me personally today and to New Albion as a whole.

I separate my personal cultural ambitions from my professional career, but some people are trying to use my efforts to promote certain ideas to destroy my ability to provide for myself and my wife.  It has actually been amazing to see how quickly a media frenzy descends upon a small town.  Losing our ambulance didn’t matter to the press.  Losing our health center wasn’t worth space in the paper.  But the whole media is descending upon Jackman, Maine because I have some very radical ideas.

I think Islam, a religion that explicitly espouses no separation between church and state and whose founder married a prepubescent girl, doesn’t fit well with the western idea of free expression and personal liberty for all peoples.

I think we should honor western civilization, the idea we build upon the inheritance of our ancestors, and use those ideals as foundation, but that was considered a sin.

But my real transgression, I believe, was suggesting white people should be proud of who they are.  I love who I am, and believe everyone should feel the same about their own ethnic heritage.  For that, there are those who would destroy me.

Never mind the inconvenient fact that I’ve never said a cross word about any minority, and I think ALL people should be proud of their heritage and backgrounds.  That wasn’t fit to print.  Because that would make me reasonable, and the first rule of media today is anyone who doesn’t conform to the politically correct views must be made into some evil caricature of a human being.

They drown out the voice who speaks honestly in response, which today happens to be my own, but could be anyone else.  They retain control of the narrative, refusing to even discuss ideas of what might be better, by making sure everyone is so afraid to speak openly and honestly that people just hide.  It’s un-American and totalitarian, but they count on people not resisting.

So, I will resist.  I will say what #NewAlbion is about.  We are a cultural movement who believes northern New England can do better than PC garbage.  Let’s decide what is good, for all of us, and let’s take care of ourselves.  Washington won’t.  Democrats won’t. Republicans won’t.  But maybe we can, when we take care of our neighbors like friends and family.  Protect nature, restore culture, honor heritage, consider our legacy, and work in our communities.  Our family deserves that.

But that’s not what brought you here, most likely.  You came here to see the bad man who is the villain.  I can’t be the guy who works long nights to save health care for sick old people in a small town best known for being a truck stop on the way to Quebec.  I can’t be someone who worked to help everyone in my community, including all backgrounds, to get help when they need it.  Why:  Because I have ideas that don’t fit the narrative and dare to express them.

So we will see what happens next.  I don’t know, and even though my life hangs in the balance, my father taught me to be strong and to be honest.  I will honor his memory by being myself and defending my ideas, my town, and the people for whom I offer all I have.

For those who read all the way through, I hope you consider my words…everything I’ve written below…and draw your own conclusions.  I don’t expect everyone to agree…I welcome reasoned argument…but understand I am a real person just offering the best I can offer and being strong enough to do it without hiding behind some pseudonym.

If we don’t have free speech in America, then does anything else work?  You tell me.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. All people should be proud of who they are, and so should white people.

    There is no supermacy in that statement I just made.

    1. What country did white people come from? Asking for a friend. No seriously.. genetically I have mostly Great Britain area, western Europe, a little Turkistan area and some Finnish… so which “culture” should I be proud of? Them all? Because I’m not seeing any one country that has a monopoly of being purely “white”

      1. My ancestry is that of French-Canadian and French-Acadian, I, however, was born in the U.S. and that is the culture that I am proud of. My ancestors came here to be Americans.

        1. The French-Canadians and French-Acadians were actually severely persecuted by the English, ripped apart from their families, by the English, deported from their homes, by the English, forced into terrible, small, disgusting conditions on boats that brought them to places were they had no money, no family, and no way to provide for themselves, by, guess who, the English. Your ancestors did not come here to be Americans. They came here to be normal, happy people who wanted to provide for themselves and for their families, just as others are now. The English persecuted them because they were afraid of them, because they had something they wanted (land). They were peaceful people, and they were attacked. Your ancestors were tormented by English.

          1. Liz, Yo have just contradicted yourself! Get off your SJW ignorant platform The French were way more violent to the locals than the English. You think you have no responsibility by living in the Americas? On top of that people who came to the Americas were firstly explorers then settlers then religious fanatics. Nobody arrived wanting to be Americans! The USA came into existence via traitors who took the shekels. One of the main reasons not talked about and no not the TAX thing, the English were being taxed 8x more protecting the settlers..It is because the English did not want to steal all the native American Indian land. The Patriots were just thieves wanting more land as Tobacco farming strips the land of nutrients so needed to always go west.Then the shekel-ists took over completely in 1913. The beginning of the end. Abenaki tribe Indian.

  2. Funny … I’m a white male grew up outside of dc … was bussed (for those who remember what that was) to an all black/brown school in second grade .. employed many miorities color/gender…voted for President Obama (twice) … then said “I don’t think obama was a very good president that he didn’t really help the divide in America if not hurt it “ … and now I’m a racist … smh

  3. Tom, you are obviously a thoughtful and articulate person. Were you espouse views coming from any other cultural or racial perspective you would be considered completely within your rights. As a matter of fact, you might even be a hero.

    It seems no longer can any person of “European” decent be proud of their heritage because all Europeans are considered to first be white. Doesn’t matter if you celebrate being of Norwegian decent, Polish decent or even Russian, it is the “white” part of history that many are rebelling against these days.

    Regrettably, we live in a “how dare you” society with individuals that rush to be the first to judge so they can get the most “likes”. It is a shame that our country has become so undereducated and that some immediately default to an action/reaction they claim to despise, which is “profiling”

    So, you are now considered by many to be a bigot, racist, neo-Nazi, misogynist, or any number of other adjectives, of which the vast majority of folks have no knowledge of the meaning, nor the context in which to use.

    My hope for you is that you remain able to hold to your base beliefs whether they fit “PC” guidelines or not, be proud of your heritage no matter what it is, and be proud to be an American.

    As long as we treat each other with respect, honesty and clarity what more can be asked?

  4. Hang in there Tom.

    You are a man of courage, and that’s what we need.

    More than once recently the point has been made that the Cultural Marxists are behaving as they are because they fear that they are losing their grip and hold on things.

    They know we no longer dance to their tune, and that bothers them greatly.

    These people belong in the old Soviet Union, or Mao’s China where they can spy on their neighbors, and generally make their lives miserable.

    Do not expect much from the business people in your area. The only thing that matters to them is the dollar bill, and they fear the Cultural Marxists at Maine Public Radio; The Bangor Daily News, and The Portland Press Herald.

  5. There is nothing more important than Free Speech. AND this attempt to shut it down from all kinds of BIAS media needs to be stopped. The FANGS like Google are way to big and bold. People have to stop using them until they respect all of society. This is a must for our survival. It is now clear that some kind of a powerful group of people want the west weakened. Why is the mystery because they too will be destroyed if our Western Society as we know it disappears. We will be humiliated by the victors while we try to appease every type of minority interest from overpaid celebrities to sold-out politicians. Trump, big mouth and all is our only real hope. Lose him and we lose our best chance to survive as the huge middle class. Congratulations to you for standing up for what you believe in.

  6. Sir, I am a tremendous admirer of what you advocate. The danger of Islam was discussed by the erudite scholar Samuel Huntington in his famous essay “A Clash of Civilizations.” Like Communism and Nazism, Islam is profoundly Un-American and a dangerous ideology. We must treat it as a dangerous ideology and NOT treat it as a religion.

    Like the philosopher Ayn Rand I believe we must facilitate and respect the achievements of working, productive people and fear a massive welfare state that grows larger and larger every year. I work as a CPA and tax accountant and see this in my work. If socialism is ever imposed on this country you can be sure tax accountants will be the first people to see it.

    Good luck to you and what you stand for! Be strong and I wish you and your movement success.

  7. I agree with Mr. Kawczynski completely, and have long felt the same way. I am so sick of political correctness I can’t stand it. I only vote Republican for lack of anything better and voted for Trump not because of who he is , but because of who Hillary Clinton is.

    We need to build on Mr. Kawczynski’s ideas and start really pushing back. Win back America.

  8. Tom…u r correct…totally correct….in what you are doing and attempting to do….
    And I agree with fine analysis on what is being done to make you look….like youre bad…the article I read says there are 1000 people in Jackman….is it not possible to poll all the Jackman town people…..anonymously….to find out what they think about IT, YOU and what you are SAYING and ATTEMPTING to do????

  9. I just read about your fight against the totalitarian PC liberals. You have my total support. If we don’t stand up to the liberal fascists now the future we leave for our children and grandchildren will be worse than what people suffered under Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and all the other leftist “paradises”. There is nothing wrong with being proud of European culture and history. It has given us everything that makes modern life livable. Good luck and Godspeed with your fight.

  10. First off I am very proud of my background and very sad that instead of someone saying I am proud of being Irish/German/Polish…. Whatever someone decided to say I am proud of being WHITE. I understand that in this day and age there are those that feel it is important to be proud of their race. I am very proud of my heritage not my race as right now there are so many of them that will use the idea of being proud of heritage as a way to be racist. That is exactly what you are racist not proud. Take a minute to look at your heritage and what they have done and be proud to be that not WHITE. WHITE is not your heritage.

    1. Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Are you aware that being proud of being black or whatever is encouraged? Governments even pay black nationalist groups.

  11. Now that you have, probably naively, outed yourself on the public stage, I hope you are prepared to lose your job and be raked over the coals by the media. Whites have lost free speech in this country and most every other White country. Whites are being targeted as a group for Genocide and are not even allowed to question or talk about White Genocide in public. Learn how to fight back at fightwhitegenocide.com.

  12. This is a good read, and I applaud it and stand behind it. We applaud you for speaking up and standing for what you believe. It is imperative that we keep our heads on tight and explore all aspects of this cause. Islam is indeed dangerous, and it is perfectly OK to be proud of being white. Media and PC have killed the views of others and put the fear into many, for what reason I do not understand. I personally, not racist, but believe that living among same culture/heritage people make lives better and comforting. I would gladly re-locate myself to test these views, who know maybe it would work, also it may not.

    On the other hand, the discussion of the all race college is true however, we still have colleges like this in my local area as well, and I believe it is really not needed anymore, as I feel it breeds racism. The teaching and views behind those doors are probably negative, just guessing. Media/TV programming is no better, for example, and just example alone. Have you sat down to watch BET? Have you heard remarks, whether this be a movie, stand-up comedy, music special… anything on this network, is negative against whites. Why? This makes no sense. In our world today, with mixing of cultures and racism on the rise, the media and PC are trying to start fires or PC someone to death until they are dull and numb. However, we still have colleges and TV entertainment that push racism. I do not like to be considered a white devil, and told I am racist, etc, while special universities and programming are still out here. What the hell is going on? I believe that if one chooses to exile themselves from the problem, and chooses to be public about pride of heritage or culture, they should be allowed to do so.

  13. It’s pointless to talk about separation when we can’t even be allowed to exist or have a homeland. We are talking about White genocide, by forced assimilation and mass immigration. Assimilation is forced because no area is allowed to remain White. The aim is to achieve “diversity”, but this program of “diversity” is only for White countries. Never has an area or occupation been called “too Black” or “too Asian”.

  14. Stand strong and know that MANY people are with you; although quite a few of them are afraid to speak.vThe reason: they don’t want what happened to you to happen to them. You win for courage & honesty! I guarantee you have many supporters that are waiting in the shadows.

  15. Your views, Tom, are ones that have been tried for years by pro-Whites and have been proven ineffective. Take the “separation” view for instance. Where will you go to separate while the anti-Whites are actively chasing down the last White person? We have no homeland to go to! Any area deemed “too White” is targeted for forced “diversity” and assimilation with non-Whites.

  16. While a bit wordy, the content is quite clear and I saw no attempts at hatred, racism, or anything that the Social Justice Warriors could stick a fork into ……….. at all. These are all issues of the emotionally immature Left that they must project upon anyone who disturbs their precious, however distorted, world view.

    Would that the Jackman Board of Selectmen actually grow a collective pair and get over the political correctness that is destroying the country.

  17. Hang in there! A shift is in the offing. It has all become ridiculous. Oh yeah… And make you continue to never mention Jews in any way. Not as members of the Trump’s and Clinton’s families or surrounding the past few presidents or authoring Plan for a New American Century, or Eretz Isreal or why my whole high-school in small-town white Canada were dragged to watch Schindler’s List en masse (the only movie they ever did that for…).

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