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Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Support Welcomed Posted on January 22, 20188 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the thousands of Americans who have reached out to me privately and publicly in support of my willingness to defend freedom of speech and question difficult truths.  It heartens me to see so many people be able to look past misleading headlines to take my words at face value and see them as reasonable and honest.

Many have asked how they can offer support for myself and my family as we undergo these trials.  Firstly, I always request prayer and the blessings the Lord can offer us.  I did not ask for or seek a moment such as this, but now that it is here, it has only been through a reservoir of faith I’ve been able to endure.

Secondly, you can show the establishment you personally will not let them destroy a man’s life, career, and reputation with no recourse.  I have set up several funding options for those willing to contribute something so I can continue speaking against politically correct lies, a corrupt media, and for free speech.

Those wanting to show their support can help by contributing at or you can also support me directly at with other options.

For those wishing to remain anonymous, crypto options are below:

BTC – 148fUn7QLGFfQ4kK9sXxRUaundAZAS9ask
BCH – 1B5ZJvaUZFM6itTX2N32xGEgs4feR8NABf
Ethereum – 0x9aE799390A99B35A9dA06A5C52910A5dDC6C60d7
Salt – 0x9aE799390A99B35A9dA06A5C52910A5dDC6C60d7

As this story develops and my side emerges where I get to share my beliefs about the positive culturally driven vision of #NewAlbion, I also welcome all those – of all ethnicities – who find themselves curious or inspired to find out what we’re doing up here in New England, and why we are so passionate that at least one person is willing to pay everything to defend this dream.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. Hi Tom
    Sent you the same email to you manager site at work too.
    Just letting you know I stand right there with you. You are not a racist you just want people to be proud of who they are and how God made them. If God wanted us to mix, he wouldn’t have made us into different races. Each race is beautiful as the are. They should keep their integrity and pride of their race, heritage and cultural. The truth always stings those who lie the most. Stay strong and true. The way things are going in this country and other countries, there will be a revolution and those who stand behind the constitution will be this Country’s only strength.
    Seems like only the leftist liberals have rights to spew hatred and when someone has a different view, as usual, the liberals attack and want to get rid of all those who oppose their views
    Liberals are so Coexist aren’t they? Hypocrites
    I believe the same way as you do and I am sure there are plenty of others who do to even folks of other races who are proud of their kind and understand.
    Hang in there

  2. Tom, we support you and many people, including us, know the rabid liberal left will try anything to destroy their opposition. It’s time for the insane left to stand down and accept that freedom of speech is for everyone. We are still allowed to think and speak as we wish. Obama and the dems racial wars/divide has made groups like yours. The sooner they realize that, the better.

  3. I encourage you to stay the course. I feel that it was overkill for the town to summarily dismiss you based on your personal beliefs. I also feel that the integration of those of different racial backgrounds is not always beneficial to our society. We do now, and always have separated into groups in this country. Chinatown, Little Italy, and Acadia are examples of these divisions. Each ethnic group has its strengths and advantages, and mixing those has more of a tendency to decrease those strengths rather than increase them. Good luck with your endeavors to bring a modicum of common sense to our society.

  4. If you ask me the southern law poverty centre and the naacp are racist organizations and unlike guilt ridden white liberal’s I’m proud of my European heritage keep up the good fight tom, theirs more people behind you there just afraid of losing their jobs to. God bless

  5. Tom, did not even know you existed until I read up on the Boston Globe. Sending you this message from Western Massachusetts. I’m to believe in national socialism. I sponsor host and on several national socialism sites on the internet. You can find them on Google Plus. Keep up the good fight all this publicity is going to be nothing more but more support not less. The dream did not die in 1945. It is alive and well and growing.

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