Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Aftermath Posted on January 23, 201826 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Now that the dust is settling, I will share with you that I had a pretty good idea things would turn out how they did.  I had spoken with the Town Attorney earlier in the weekend, and the Select Board and I shared the desire to wrap things up neatly.

Despite how some people view me there, I still very much like Jackman.  I think it improbable we stay in town much past when the weather makes moving practical, but it’s a great place that didn’t deserve to be degraded by the national press.  A part of the story which was really missed in all the insults heaped upon me is how many of the so-called tolerant people had every slur in the book to launch at the rural folk up here who make a living off their labor.  Dana and I were threatened many times.

An interesting thing in the politically correct environment of today is there are still groups about which you can pass judgment.  Whites, Christians, and men lead the way.  I guess that means I’m screwed, but I know there are others too whom it is fashionable to slur.  Whatever opinions I’ve expressed, I’ve always kept it civil.  People deserve respect.

But now I have to rebuild my life, and that will be a challenge.  Given how the media paints me, there’s every incentive for me to evolve into the ghastly being they make me sound like, and there even is a market for that.  But, I’m going to try to do something harder and tread this path of pushing #WhiteCivilRights.  It is a simple, profound, and universally accessible idea that just says whatever rules apply to other races should also be there for whites.

I hope it expands beyond me.  I get that the fact I like to mix it up on social media and that I have a dark sense of humor and hang out with some unsavory folks makes me a lousy messenger for the masses.  I also realize the powers that be are not about to let me just talk about ideas on the merit, because they love using accusations as a way to discredit ideas without looking at their intrinsic validity.  But at least my infamy allows me to start discussions, and I hear from all you still in hiding who like that someone is out there speaking up.

If this is your first time here, all I can say is I’m not the person you’ve read me to be.  If you want to know more, and you’re not going to be a dick about it, then find me on Gab or send me an e-mail.

Now that I am officially discharged from my formal responsibilities, I can express myself considerably more freely.  If enough good questions come in, I’ll offer answers in a next mailbag type post.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. You need to do an interview on Red Ice. It looks like your Patreon account was shut down. You might want to set up a Hatreon account in place of it.

    1. I concur – this is the kind of organisation that we really need to be going on across the western world.

      I hesitate to say it – but much of this philosophy is very similar to national socialism without the negative connotations. It’s almost a rebranding, and it’s really well done. Excellent.

      1. Only 6 generations? Most native Mainers go back further than that, and my namesake ancestor arrived in Manhattan in the late 1600’s, when it was a town about the size of Rockland.

        And what about the Native Americans, who may go back a 1,000 generations, and sure as hell have a viable claim to the land you want to colonize. But really I hope you realize that our species Homo sapiens started in Africa and has been moving and mixing ever since. We all just learned more about that today. We are one, all colors, all creeds.

        1. I actually have a ton of respect for Native American culture. I’ve been learning about the Passamaquoddy, for instance, and think there is definitely a place of respect for them. New Albion supports our American heritage as well, and it’s obvious we’ve blended their culture into the larger tapestry.

          But anyway, I have respect for all people Ben. I just think some ideas are less compatible with others.

  2. You don’t have to worry about rebuilding your life. It’s only a matter of time before Fox News come sniffing around to hire you as a truth telling patriot. Probably what you have been angling for anyway.

  3. The world desperately needs more individuals like yourself Tom. You are one of the martyrs of the very disturbing times we live in. Please keep up the good work but keep yourself and your family safe at all costs!

    The War Against Whites is a very real and very present situation. The push to replace our superior race with a mishmash of inferior ones is also very real and is happening across the world.

    Western Civilization, along with it’s grandeur and glorious accomplishments in the arts, literature and science, is at an end; and is now being overrun by primitives and barbarians who aren’t evolved enough to even understand it, let alone appreciate it.

  4. So, if a Muslim, or any other race spoke out, it would be considered free speech. (I hear the applause) A white man , citizen of the USA, loses his job for having an unbiased opinion. Now that is a witch Hunt .

  5. Rising above…..
    Like I mentioned before…this might have been a blessing in disguise…
    I feel you have many things to say and unfortunately your town management position was holding you back from speaking freely.
    God bless you and your family

  6. Hahaha this is exactly the kind of thing a Pollock would post. Your group is the internet version of a submarine with a screen door.

  7. Bonnie, what race speaks out in America on a pro-separatist movement? You do not hear Muslims in America talking about Muslims should be separated. I don’t hear Latinos making his arguments. What blacks do you hear claiming this? Of course, you are going to say BLM, but those lives matter. If your (his) message was white lives matter, you would have support of anyone who believes in the Constitution. He should have the right to feel that way. But, his message deviates from that track.

    Do you support the KKK? That is the clear line of demarcation. This guy has the right to free speech, but not the right from consequences of other people expressing their constitutional free speech. He is getting his money from severance, so there literally is nothing to see.

    The opinion is clearly biased and I should be shocked that you don’t see that…but I’m not.

  8. Three thoughts for you and everyone here:

    1. Understand that they don’t care how reasonable you are. You breached their narrative. That makes you roadkill. They want everyone to see your carcass and think, “That could be me if I take a stand.”

    2. Be prepared for takedowns. Keep text and code backups of everything on your website. Have a backup hosting account ready to roll.

    3. Read Vox Day’s SJWs always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down. Now!

  9. Tom. The world needs to be seen as a mosaic, and a melting pot. We all fit in together, connecting in ways seen and unseen, and we will always have the God given free will to co-mingle and mix. No system or ideology setup can stop people from different faiths and back grounds from falling in love. May I ask you a few questions? How many times have the groups mentioned as Albion, fought and killed each other? Raped and stole land from each other? Why was that possible? Why are they no longer fighting each other in America? I would guess that they all noticed that they were more similar than different. That some of them fell in love at the local church and married one another. Lived together, and had children together, and created bonds stronger than the traditions of the past. You seem to have a spiritual vision of how to make the world better. Just remember that God gave us all the free will to create something better than what was before. That is a great gift. That we all choose weather or not we serve Him. We just have to be careful to understand that once something is set up as a tradition there are those who seek to wield power and influence on the masses. Superstitions, and lores of why we do things change all the time. Tragedies happen in nature all the time. We have to accept and adept to world as it is, and not how our parents have explained it to us. I believe you are a family man. Be careful with how you protect them in these coming days, because darkness seeks darkness, and hurt people, hurt people. The world has a handful of people who always benefit when things fall apart, because most of the evil deeds that are done within a society are the schemes of men who wish to gain much, from many, with little effort on their part. There will always be people who want to devalue your neighborhood and move you out of your property into a nicer more expensive safer, whiter, blacker, more yellow neighborhood. Banks do it all the time. It doesn’t matter what you think is going on, and who is holding you back. Protect your community with color blind eyes. God does not send blessing in the bodies that we expect Him to. Do not fail your test of your faith. Our leaders will constantly set up systems that seem to lead toward a better quality of life, but there is always a cost to pay when you dance with a devil. I look out at the concerns of American men and see that rather than unify, and admit to the sins of our fathers, we often choose to simplify the beauty of humanity and tear each other down. Color, creed, religion, and sexual identity are things that distinguish us as individuals. Things we have no control over being born into. The bible that we all read from can be used against us by men who know how to weave stories that divide us into ‘the chosen’ and ‘un-chosen’. I’ve seen it done too many times. I pray for my white brothers to listen to why black men cry out for help. I pray for all American’s to see why we pay more to incarcerate our citizens of all colors than we pay to fund our children’s K-12 education. We have to wake up. We have to sit down and listen. Our prisons are turning into for-profit-prisons. This is not the way. We have to accept that no two people see God in the same light. So none of us can judge each other’s motives just from a few words in a MSM article. I came to this page to see who you were. To not find fear, but reasons behind why you would want me, a black man to live in a separate place than you, a white man. I promise you one thing. My father, and grandfather did not raise me to hate you for the color of your skin. With the same understanding, they explained that fear fills the spaces between the heart and the mind. They explained that every father wants his children to live a better life. Every father wants his family name to be a good name to pass on to his children, so that they are seen in the best light possible when they go out into the world. I don’t blame white men for surviving within the sandboxes that they were born into. I hope that you realize that we are all in this together. More American’s do outstanding things every day to protect each other. Every Dad out there will put himself between a wolf and your daughter if they see one about to pounce on a child. God bless you. I hope you and your family move forward from this in peace and prosperity. – JCF

    1. These considerations, uttered by both Tom and the commentors here illustrate the full blossoming of the Sin of America. What do I mean by the Sin of America? In order to explain what I mean I have to introduce the concept of the Western Trilogy. It is a historical process and it must have three parts to be complete.

      Let me offer a different view on Western Civilization; it is not a race nor is it a place. It is a Vector, or a movement, broadly speaking a movement westward in time and forward in progress. The first installment occurred when Abraham left Ur and traveled west to form a new society in a ‘land of milk and honey.’ This society was to be one without a king, one governed by a constitution (the Torah) and interpreted by a Judicial Branch. (The time of Judges).

      The Second installment of the trilogy occurred when poor European serfs and oppressed religious groups settled America to get away from European privilege, hierarchy, and nobility, and to create a meritocratic society among white folks ruled by a Constitution interpreted by a Judicial Branch. In Israel’s faithlessness and sin, they asked for a king. ‘We want to be like the other nations,’ the people protested. After this Israel began a long progression downward as kings became ever more idolatrous and corrupt, selling out to the surrounding nations of Babylon and Assyria, etc. Israel eventually gets absorbed back into the ‘old world’ (kingship) and loses its kingdom to Exile. Israel’s sin as detailed in the Old Testament was its lack of faith that God Himself would deliver them from their enemies. Kings sought to make peace with idolaters instead by adopting their ways, corrupting themselves in the process.

      Likewise, America had also committed a grave sin of faithlessness early in its history. Our sin was this: Lacking faith that commitment to true freedom alone would eventually free us from Britain, we instead sought unity over freedom. We compromised with southern plantation delegations and vested interests in order to get the support of all the colonies. Keep in mind that many of the plantation owners were wealthy nobles from England who had been given land titles by the King. This was a caving in to idolatry, for what is idolatry but the worship of Personality before Principle? Worship of the Transitory and Specific over the Eternal, Unchanging Principle, whether that Principle be a universal deity such as God or an Idea such as Freedom and a Guarantee of Liberty? The idea that “some are naturally better than others,” whether it be the bloodlines of Pharoahs and Assyrian Kings, in the old testament, or a White Male Plantation Class after the Second exodus. In this compromise with the Southern Delegation, we accepted levels of torture on par with the worst of the Middle Ages, as any visit to a slave fort on the West coast of Africa can illustrate. In so doing, we perverted ourselves and defiled ourselves. This defilement is now reaping the rewards of its winepress of wrath in ethnic division, polarization, hyphenation, and general malaise.

      White Identitarianism is a retreat back into the idolatry of the Old World. It is America folding back into the “it matters more where you come from than what you do” kind of Continental Philosophy. Like Cultural Marxism, White Identitarianism is our version of: “Give us a King! We want to be like the other nations.” In other words, it is an invitation to the join the mundane, mediocre world of Old World Title and Pomp, aristocratic values of master and slave. It is Exile, 2.0. But then again, maybe, so be it. America is only the SECOND installment of the Western Trilogy, and as the Second, it is incomplete. (Nature seems to like to come in 3’s, because it seems that the most fundamental particle interactions are encoded in a base of 3 and there are three spatial dimensions.

      Which now brings us to the Third Installment of the Western Trilogy. That one day humans will exodus out of the state of bondage of Earth (egypt, europe), and create a new civilization in space. This extraterrestrial civilization, composed of Homo Extraterrestrialis, will be starting out on a clean slate, starting over again. America 2.0., Israel 3.0, whatever you call it, the New Jerusalem will offer people of every race, gender, nationality, and sexual orientation a chance to own property and have liberty as free citizens. A chance to start on the ground floor and build up. A truly level playing field. In the New Jerusalem, history will be obliterated at last. No longer will one group be able to say: “your ancestors stole land from my ancestors,” or “your ancestors oppressed my ancestors.” No longer will one group be able to say “My ancestors built this civilization, yours did not. No longer will any group be able to stake a unique claim to identity because all alike will have been united in that titanic struggle against Nature to bridge the distance between stars and settle on an alien world with alien trees, alien sunsets, alien microbes in the soil. The Jamestown of the Future, and all its struggles, will unite people across genders, orientations, races, so that all participants can say the same experience shaped them. At long last, True Objectivity will have been restored. The old subjectivity of class or identity conflict, leave that behind for the smoldering Old World rife with corruption. Dream of something greater!

  10. Your courage is inspirational. I wish we had tens of million more men like you. My wife sends her highest regards to your wife.

  11. There are no inferior races. We are all equal. I’ve got a daughter that is African American and she is growing up to be a strong woman. We teach acceptance on all levels. If you don’t like something, keep it to yourself. If your proud to be white, good for you. Your skin color doesn’t mean a thing. The kind of human being you are is what defines you.

    1. I agree she should take pride in her race and self. I have zero animus against her.

      I wish we lived in a world where skin color didn’t matter at all, but when people get certain special consideration, legal status, and privileges because of their race, we can’t pretend race doesn’t matter.

      I would accept getting rid of all the hyphens just as happily as having whites take up their own banner. But whatever the rules are, they should be the same for all.

      Until then, I have no doubt your daughter is a lovely human being, and God bless your family.

  12. Tom, This is host a quick first comment on a coffee break after first hearing of your plight. I would like to contribute to your/our cause. I am a semi-disabled (hit head on by texting driver) Mainer with more education than money. I fully agree with your views and analysis of your being dismissed. Have you heard of: the plight of Lewiston, Portland….Have you heard of the Kalergi Plan? I wish you and your loved ones all of the best, and I will return to this site.

  13. Tom, it’s a shame you aren’t a Negro rapist, convicted felon, and violent black separatist (e.g., Eldridge Cleaver).

    If you were, the (((media))) would worship you, and you’d be given a cushy university teaching gig…

  14. Diane Sedmak,

    That is a great comment. I totally agree with you.

    I believe many other subspecies of humans want to eliminate white people.

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