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First Thoughts on White Civil Rights

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

First Thoughts on White Civil Rights Posted on January 28, 201816 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

By no means is this list meant to be exhaustive, but rather these are my first thoughts on what I meant when I began this important conversation about white civil rights.

A little background first:  White people in America have come to realize that we now possess fewer rights and protections than groups of other races.  These manifest in several forms, in both public and privately driven variants.  First, there are economic incentives which are specifically designated to help minorities instead of our people, like scholarships by race.  Second, there are quota based systems where opportunities are required to be split along racial lines, such as affirmative action or how the DOT awards contract services.  Thirdly, there are times when whites are provided less protections, for instance in how discrimination laws can never be used to protect a white person the same as a minority, not too far afield from my own recent dismissal.  There may well be others, but I will start with these three.

The American ideal has always been meritocratic and calling for a level playing ground.  The melting pot so often referenced by a media without deeper understanding worked without resentment specifically because no one was getting a free ride who immigrated here.  But now, we see different groups gaming government and using it as well as civil society for the benefit of their respective people by rigging the system to favor their access to resources and opportunity.  The situation is allowed to persist because white people, by and large, have kept to the sterile conversations about merit while the reality has obviously shifted away to favor those more aggressive of seeking their particular group – many of which are identitarian but not racial (e.g. LGBTQ, etc.).

This must stop.  There are two outcomes which are acceptable.  We could either see a return to a system where there are no privileged classes in America and true legal equality is realized for all citizens.  Or, if the myriad interest groups which have great backing and influence continue to play their games, then for our own protection and the rights and continuation of our people, we must begin to do the same.

Although I have not yet received a compelling definition for why it should be considered racist for a white man to look out for white interests when the same would not be said of any other race, I am sure this will be the rallying cry.  It should not be.  Looking out for the welfare of one’s people is an act of love and consideration, and our problem in America across all groups is a lack of engagement with our community.  White people have white people issues – many of which are terrible – including the heroin epidemic, the breakdown of the nuclear family, and needing to re-establish an equilibrium between men and women such that our children benefit instead of suffer.

I want to get to those conversations, and get the resources our people need to work on these issues.  But, if we’re not allowed to talk about ourselves as such, and we’re not going to have everyone talk of strictly American issues, then we need help.  And as we work together in a positive and constructive fashion, what will happen is we can get past this boogeyman of white guilt which has been deliberately cultivated by radicals seeking to displace our people to advance their own agendas.  This must end.  We have rights to equality, and we should assert them.

Within New Albion, we strive to work tirelessly for the equal protections of all races under Constitutional Law and in actual practice.  It’s no secret to anyone living here we are the whitest region of America, and as such, we must begin working for the interest of those people – of our people – for the benefit of all people.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. Whether people want to hear it or not, call you names, or denigrate the views in this, you speak nothing but truth! I am tired of being placed as a 2nd class citizen. The white people are not here to support others who are unwilling to work, nor are we here to support refugees who refuse to assimilate into our culture and who scream about entitlements. I am no indentured slave, the constitution does not allow for that, and it is time to put a stop to these whining, petulant brats yelling that whites owe them. I don’t owe them a darn thing! We are being purposefully replaced, and I, for one, am sick of it and am no longer having it.

  2. Some cultures are intrinsically superior to others, that is provable. The Left goes down the road of denigrating our culture and giving preference to lesser cultures that suffer from self-victimization in order to ‘square the deal’.
    The mental gymnastics required to follow their though pattern is mind staggering and easily disproved in a debate; the problem is: they don’t want a debate.

  3. So typical to see the radical left tear this movement to shreds. Then practically in the same breath applaud and defend groups like antifa, la raza, or black lives matter. Double standard is not even a strong enough word. This is a premeditated malicious plan to destroy the country. They have lost Americans using rational arguments and ideas, so they have decided to instrument a total demographic replacement plan. All funded of course by the American taxpayer. The radical left are only concerned with open borders and bribing the third world to vote for them. Historically people from South and Central America overwhelmingly vote for the left. It’s all about the democrats staying in power and controlling the country. The left wants to enslave everyone and keep a permanent underclass so they can keep us in poverty and dependent on the state.

    What is so disturbing is how awful the left treats people of European ancestry. That’s because this demographic presents the biggest obstacle to them. This demographic is much more likely to be conservative and opposed to socialism and communism. You can see this from how the media treats Melania Trump. She is a legal immigrant and the main stream media treat her like dirt. However the democrats are more than willing to shut down the government and hold the budget hostage in order to push for massive amnesty deals. This will not end well for the democrats. The American people can see that they are not concerned about middle and lower class families.
    Diversity is a strength may be the biggest lie that has ever been told. If that’s the case, someone forgot to give Japan and China the memo. Both countries are over 90% homogeneous in demographics. Japan also happens to have one of the highest IQ’s in the world. Why aren’t leftists scorning these countries because of lack of diversity? That’s because diversity means; less white. It does not mean equal representation of groups or ideas. Harvard studies have shown that diversity is detrimental to communities when it comes to community involvement, trust, and overall well-being.
    It is a sad day in America when someone is ostracized and fired from a job for privately being an advocate of his culture. If European Americans do not stand up for their own culture and all other groups do, it will not end well for global freedom. Our freedom of speech should not be infringed because the radical left doesn’t like the ideas and views that are presented. We have seen a backlash to this authoritarian, politically correct, and sensor happy agenda that has been pushed by the left wing media. People have had enough. The proof of this is in the White House.

  4. White is family! There are members of my family that I don’t necessarily get along with, but they are closer to me than members of other races. I have friends of all races, but I am white and no amount of talking or admonitions will ever make a black man white. We owe it to the thousands of generations before us to procreate with those of our own race to extend these blessings at least one more generation. We have no control over the next generation, but hopefully we can instill in them the duty to do the same. A perfect place to start is to have areas just for us. Send the non-white immigrants back to where they came from. Save the white race! for our folks.

  5. Great Job!

    I heard you on Cantwell and now Jared Howe’s podcast and you seem well-spoken and intelligent.

    Myself, i’m just for having the borders enforced, the illegal aliens and Visa overstayers thrown out and the left and the (((media))) wants to call me a WHITE SOOOOPREMACIST, NEO-NAZI, KKK!!

  6. I don’t understand how your people = white people. One’s people can be Scottish, or German, or Italian, or Jewish, but not white. White is an artificial category that never defined a culture. Black in and of itself can also be an artificial category — it isn’t when it refers specifically to African-Americans, rather than any African person anywhere, because it references a specific culture. You seem to continuously mix up white culture (which doesn’t really exist) with New England culture, which does exist. New England culture was created mostly by Caucasian people, but not exclusively, and it was mostly created by a few specific groups of Caucasian people, not by “white people”. There’s nothing wrong with identifying with those groups and their culture. I love contra-dancing, and that is part of that New England culture. It is fine to appreciate the people and values that created that culture. But contra-dancing, a vital part of New England culture, is being preserved and extended by people of all races who love it. It is not being weakened by being loved by people who are of different colors. What is left to tout as white culture? Plenty, from a historical perspective, but nothing that should stay “white”. If you believe that there are excellent values embedded in that culture, you should be all for seeing it adopted by diverse people. Also, how can you be so proud of white culture in a generalized sense, when the diverse cultures associated with white people include cultures founded on enslaving people who are not white? Lastly, people who are African-American are almost entirely of both white and African heritage. Instead of being proud of one’s race, why not find meaning in one’s ethnicity, and in sharing the best of that with anyone willing to learn? And that only works if one is also ready to learn from others as well.

    1. Your own definition suggests culture is inherently flexible, something where groups can adopt identity as they choose. To wit, white culture then ends up being an amalgam of the various European and American subcomponents, broadly typified as the west. There’s no inherent reason that categorization does not make sense, without invalidating the subset ethnic identities.

      I think people take umbrage of my support of whiteness because they presume it conveys some hostility toward non-white actors or beliefs. Not true. I have serious issues with how these legal classifications are used in society to the detriment of the category to which I have been assigned, but that’s perhaps a separate issue.

      In any event, I’ve never suggested nor would I suggest an inability to learn from distinct cultures. I can and I do learn from people who think differently than I do, and in many ways, one of the reasons I contemplate more meaningful separation is because I can appreciate distinct cultures having spaces in which to flourish to find their fullest expression, which I think allows for better exploration of the different modes of living they offer.

  7. And as we work together in a positive and constructive fashion, what will happen is we can get past this boogeyman of white guilt which has been deliberately cultivated by (((radicals))) seeking to displace our people to advance their own agendas.

  8. I am a 71 year old white man and I have never, ever felt like a 2nd class citizen in America.
    Please look around at the people who have power.
    Be they elected officials, or corporate executives, or just plain rich people…they are white (and male) by far.

    It’s actually some of those powerful white people who twisted the media to persuade you all that you were being treated 2nd class to minorities. It’s a scam.

  9. Here is the antidote to poison “BEN E.” above.

    Nearly all of those in power are not Whites. They are jews pretending to be White.

    Also, I suggest that “BEN E”, too, is a jew pretending to be White. I’ve seen jews all over the internet pretending to be Whites as they bash Whites, and then eventually reveal themselves to be jews. “BEN E” the “David Seidenberg” above seem to be typical examples.

    On the newer “February Update” post, there’s a Peter Elias. I say he/it is obviously another one.

    I’ve done a lot of research into this during the last 10 years. Our still-ignorant Whites watch tv and think they’re watching famous White celebrities when, in fact, they’re watching jews. Same with movies. Same with all big media (“BEN E” stupidly mentioned the media). Same with CEOs and owners of the biggest corporations. Same with the owners of the so-called Federal Reserve Banks and other banks. Same with the heads of even our local libraries where the stacks are full of jew lies, fiction and nonfiction, and no true Whites’ books are allowed — neither of Henry Ford’s two books, no Eustace Mullins books, no Revilo Oliver books, no Gerald LK Smith book, etc., etc.

    Website owners who are not yet wise to jew liars allow scum such as “BEN E” to try to poison their websites and comment sections. Our wisest White website owners expose them or delete them.

    1. Pretty funny stuff, James, and I’ll explain why!

      I actually am 25% Ashkenazi Jew, but I didn’t know that until I was 67 years old. And with blond hair, blue eyes and freckles I certainly don’t look the part. It was DNA analysis that told the tale, and now that many members of my extended family have taken the test, I know that my mother was the result of affair between her mother and an Ashkenazi man from eastern Europe in the summer of 1916, during WWI. The first cousins I grew up with are actually second cousins!

      Have you had your DNA tested, James? If not, I am living proof that you do not really know if you have jewish blood despite what you may think about your background or however you may look.

      At any rate, I don’t really know whether to think of myself as jewish or not. I’d kind of like to because my family by marriage is very jewish and I love them dearly. But they always knew they were jews while I was brought up thinking I was 100% WASP. Hell, my family surname goes back to the late 1600’s in New York and one of our houses is a state museum because General Knox used it during the Revolution. I am well qualified to wear the tricorn hat, and maybe a little qualified to wear a yamaka.

      James, I hope you realize that DNA science is uncovering lots of stories like mine. We are a much more mixed than many of us realize. Check your DNA, man.

  10. Is there the assumption that the white race is doing so bad in the U.S. that they need to “separate” from “others” to gain rights they should have but have not been able to exercise? (Note: African Americans have had 3, yes 3 Civil Rights Acts 1866, 1875 and 1964 – one is the 13th amendment – to try and gain “civil rights” guaranteed by the Constitution; yet all whites are included). If white “civil rights” are lost, please do a better job statistically of explaining exactly what’s been lost. Economically, politically, educationally, socially, stats continue to show that whites are doing so much better than any other group in the US. Check out the stats…. easily found online. Where is that harvard study on diversity?

    1. I was being lazy with my previous efforts, mainly because I was in the middle of a fight at the time, but I’ll make the case.

      I’ll even preview it by saying the core of my belief is that the efforts to create equality of outcomes have been used to create legal inequalities that serve to highlight some groups above others, and all above whites in terms of access to resources, considerations under various Federal and State guidelines, and perhaps most importantly – in having the inability to seek group identification without being pilloried.

      I’m not claiming equality existed throughout American history. Patently, it did not. But the remedy of now placing B ahead of A isn’t so great if you’re in A.

  11. Fantastic article. I am glad people are starting to stand up for people of European descent in America. As a young person, the demography of America is my future country. It is easy not to be concerned when you don’t have children or you don’t care about the future. There is an interesting situation in America today because on a personal level myself and many Euro-Americans are friends with people of many different backgrounds, but it is clear to me that in a broader view a lot of these groups oppose our interests. It is not about hate, it is simply about what kind of country we want for ourselves and our posterity.

  12. “Website owners who are not yet wise to jew liars allow scum such as ‘BEN E’ to try to poison their websites and comment sections. Our wisest White website owners expose them or delete them.”

    Tom, I appreciate the fact that you let people like me post on your site even though I disagree with you strongly. I also appreciate the fact that you try hard to present your ideas in a positive way without denigrating people who are not white.

    But I’m really curious what you think of someone like James Laffrey, who clearly feels fellowship with you and thinks you should expose or delete “scum” like me? Is he the sort of person you want in New Albion? Do you differentiate between jews and whites? Will there be some sort of DNA test for New Albion applicants?

    (PS: Mind you that I don’t mind being called “scum” by people like James. I seen a lot in my long life, and have learned to simply sit back and appreciate the misery that’s always included with that level of hate, fear, and ignorance.)

    1. I could spend all day talking about other people’s ideas if I so chose, and you would not believe the number of people who attempt to get me to do just that.

      If people want to have dialogue, I try to let them, as long as it remains somewhat close to the bounds of decency. As a general disclaimer, I only take credit or blame for what I say.

      As for New Albion, I have always stated clearly I do not apply any test beyond cultural adherence in terms of whom we work with. I want people of good character, who believe in western values, and respect European and American traditions. I am not an absolutist, and make no statement about particular beliefs.

      With regard to the larger movement out there, I think the radicalism some people express in their own form of purity spiraling is self-defeating. The reasons why so many people have issues with Jews are rooted in the observable situation many of the most extreme left ideas come from Jewish individuals. But, as I note, they are individuals and so I oppose those individuals and those schools of thought, allowing space for individuals to define themselves.

      There is a question people ask from this about how well Jews integrate into western society, and whether they work for the interest of the common good or for the betterment of their own people as a subset with strategies that explicitly favor others. It is an exhaustive question many years old, and frankly, an obsession of many that I choose not to address because we can’t have an honest dialogue without it becoming slurs going both directions.

      For myself, I will simply say I take people as people where and when I can – in all cases. It’s up to the individual to define their own belief, and I’ve been as explicit as any cultural movement can be in what New Albion supports. It is as it says.

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