February Update

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

February Update Posted on February 1, 20184 Comments

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

I want to thank everyone reaching out to help once more.  Your generous contributions at https://freestartr.com/project/support-white-civil-rights-in-america/, as well as my new subscribers following me at https://gab.ai/TomKawczynski are helping me to be able to spread my positive message, building New Albion up here in New England and beyond, and also fighting for equality for whites in America.

We are looking to have a meeting in the next week or so as an opportunity for some new members to meet and greet one another.  This will be a private affair, but if you are in New England and interested, reach out to me at newalbion@protonmail.com for additional details.

As promised, we will continue our cultural efforts to sustain western civilization up here and remain open to all who share that passion.  We’re going to figure out how we can best employ our newfound fame in support of this mission, and I’m working with some excellent individuals to upgrade this site, materials, and hopefully get resources that will allow us to take our message into the field.

We are told that we are radical, but the truth is the ideas we promote are inside the mainstream of American history, aligned closely with the beliefs of the Founders themselves, and this brand of political originalism is just the sort of rebuke the radical agenda foisted upon us requires.  We need to stand up for common sense and our heritage, and in defense of our nature as is, not this social reprogramming.

I know we will be opposed every step of the way and how daunting this will be made to seem, because our opponents are well-funded.  Why wouldn’t they be?  America has many enemies, and those within, sadly, often are treated as the heroes and we as the villains.  So it was with the Founders, and so it will remain until regain sanity.

The good news is we’re not alone.  Never think for a moment for how quiet things may seem that action isn’t happening.  We’ve learned to be patient and to be quiet, and not put our people at risk.  I am happy to serve as heat shield for them, as we continue to work in new partnerships to see New Albion’s dream of a culture of our own and a place where we belong move steadily toward reality.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion


  1. Please. Leave. Maine.

    You are not welcome here. Unless you are a descendant of an indigenous people, you are part of immigrant invasion and should respect the fact that you are an (uninvited) guest in North America.

    Be tolerant and be welcoming. Or begon.

  2. My people have lived in New England since the 1621 voyage of the Fortune, the second English ship sent out to Plymouth Colony. Descendant of passenger Robert Hicks (1570 – 1647). I have lived in all four of the Northern New England States. My people have lived here for almost 400 years, not going anywhere.

  3. I just viewed your interview on Red Ice TV where you covered the most salient talking-points to support your worthy cause.


    In support, your website has been added to my Blog.

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