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People Before Ideas – The Essence of Folkism

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

People Before Ideas – The Essence of Folkism Posted on February 4, 2018Leave a comment

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

Think about your family for a moment.  Presuming you love your parents, your siblings, or your children, what limits do you attach to that love?  Do you stop loving them when they say something that upsets you or when you have a disagreement?  Or do you find a bond exists there, of both shared heritage and shared experiences that allows you to transcend conflict and express love and compromise even in disagreement?

Or maybe you also have friends from high school whom you still keep in touch with because you shared all those classes together?  You might disagree over many things, but still enjoy sharing memories, hopefully making new ones, and the experiences that link you together as surely as any family?

These are the bonds of identity, shaped through the events which we experience with others in our lives, and fashioned by the cultures which we enter into from a very young age, beginning with our family life and through our education as well as potentially others.  They make us, they bind us, and they give us a capacity for love and respect that can overcome many disagreements because of a genuine connection.

As hard as it is to believe, it was not so long ago when our nations behaved similarly, where bonds were fraternal and while ideas were always debated, ideology was not at the center of society.  There were reservoirs of good will, and people could work together because there was faith and trust in common purpose, the betterment of the kin, the folk, the extended family that incorporated so many more people in a given space.

That has been destroyed.  Now, we are told the only legitimate means of public discourse is in the sterile realm of ideas.  We are given prepackaged ideologies to which we must adhere, and we can see the consequences as we fight over these terms.  The West has torn itself apart, with the cities against the towns, men against women, and the thinkers against the workers.  Nowhere is this more clear than in the white communities, where being legally proscribed against adopting any identity larger than a geographic space or a shared surname, we have been stripped of the right of self-assertion.  Instead, we are encouraged to work toward some ideal.

If that ideal is blocked, then the person who opposes us must be our enemy.  And they must be destroyed.  It doesn’t matter if they’re family or what brought us together, for we are good to believe our ideals and they are evil to believe theirs.  Life descends from a rich tapestry of meaning to a binary choice, excised again and again, and where we find ourselves fighting the same wars again and again to decide which pre-drawn conclusion is more correct.

All this because we’re not allowed to talk about another way:  Positive self-identity.  It would be heresy of the worst degree to say we could have men and women serve different but complementary roles, seeing society take care of people and demand personal responsibility.  It would be an act of hatred for people of any group to gather in celebration of their own uniqueness, especially if the majority chose to do so to seek out solutions between one another rather than listening to those who put us against one another.

Take such a stance, and you will become a national pariah, target of ridicule and scorn against all those who scream with vitriol that such a man seeks to destroy all we’ve built.  And maybe I do…maybe I think the fight can end and the rebuilding can begin.  Maybe we can be a people once more, and deal with everyone from a position of understanding rather than a lens of ideology.

What do you think?  Would you like us to be able to talk again?  Would you like to be a part of something bigger than yourself?  Would you like to tell the media you’ll decide for yourself what is right for your family, your kin, and your community?  Have we not grown past needing such intermediaries?

If you think we have, then maybe you begin to understand why I’m still here fighting for #NewAlbion.  Identity over ideology – and peace over power.

Tom Kawczynski serves as Steward for New Albion

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